Book Prizes

SUBMISSION UPDATE: Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, manuscripts can be submitted digitally to and the administrative fee can be sent through the mail. 


The Sandeen Prize in Poetry and the Sullivan Prize in Short Fiction are awarded to authors who have published at least one volume of short fiction or one volume of poetry (authors who are graduates of the University of Notre Dame are not eligible.)
Please include a photocopy of the copyright and the title page of your previous volume. Vanity press publications do not fulfill this requirement.

The Sandeen/Sullivan Prizes are open to any author, with the exception of graduates of the University of Notre Dame, who has published at least one book of short stories (for the Sullivan Prize) or one collection of poetry (for the Sandeen Prize) and we pay special attention to second volumes. Please include a vita and/or a biographical statement which includes your publishing history. We will be glad to see a selection of reviews of the earlier collection.

Please submit two copies of your manuscript and inform us if the manuscript is available electronically. Mail manuscripts to 233 Decio Hall Dept of English, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, 46556. Include an SASE for acknowledgment of receipt of your submission. If you would like your manuscript returned, please send an SASE. Manuscripts will not otherwise be returned. A $15 administrative fee should accompany submissions. Make checks payable to University of Notre Dame. Every contestant will receive a one-year free subscription to the Notre Dame Review.

The volumes of the Sandeen/Sullivan Prizes will be published in trade paperback format. The author will be offered a standard contract with the University of Notre Dame Press. There will be a $1,000 prize, a $500 award and a $500 advance against royalties from the Notre Dame Press.

The next Richard Sullivan prize submission period will be May 1 - Sept. 1, 2019; the next Ernest Sandeen prize period is March 1 - June. 1, 2020.

Selection of the winners is expected during the spring following the submission period. Both the Sandeen and the Sullivan Prizes are awarded biannually, but judged quadrennially.

We intend to invite the winners to Notre Dame at the time of publication for a prize presentation and reading.

New manuscripts from past winners are not accepted.

If you have any further questions, please write to the Director of Creative Writing, Sandeen/Sullivan Prizes, Department of English, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, 46556-5639; or email


The Notre Dame Review Book Prize

The NDRBP was begun as a first volume prize, awarded to an author who has published short fiction (or poetry) in the Notre Dame Review. Established in 2013 by the NDR, in conjunction with the Notre Dame Press, the prize is to honor the work of both accomplished and emerging authors, who have yet to publish a volume of stories, or a collection of poetry. (Consideration is now given to novels, not necessarily in their case first novels.) Besides publication, the author is awarded a $1000 prize. The judge is the Editor of the Review, currently William O’Rourke, in conjunction with the Press; the prize will be awarded when warranted. There are no entry requirements, other than previous publication in the Notre Dame Review. The first winner of The Notre Dame Review Book Prize was James D. Redwood. His collection of short stories, Love Beneath the Napalm, was published in the Fall of 2013.

The second winner of The Notre Dame Review Book Prize is John Shoptaw; his volume of poetry, Times Beach, will be published by the University of Notre Dame Press in the Spring of 2015.

John Shoptaw was raised in swampeast Missouri. The poems of Times Beach dwell on the time-places of the Mississippi watershed. His publications include a critical volume, On the Outside Looking Out: John Ashbery’s Poetry (Harvard UP) and the libretto for the opera Our American Cousin (BMOP sound; composed by Eric Sawyer). Poems from Times Beach have appeared in The Colorado Review, Common Knowledge, The New Yorker, Notre Dame Review, A Smartish Pace, and elsewhere. He teaches ecopoetry and poetry writing in the English Department of the University of California at Berkeley.


Thomas McGonigle of New York, N.Y. won the third Notre Dame Review Book Prize for his novel, St. Patrick's Day.  He received $1,000, and his book will be published by University of Notre Dame Press in Fall 2016. McGonigle is the author of The Corpse Dream of N. Petkov and Going to Patchogue.


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