About ND Review

The Notre Dame Review is an independent, non-commercial magazine of contemporary American and international fiction, poetry, criticism and art. Our goal is to present a panoramic view of contemporary art and literature—no one style is advocated over another. We are especially interested in work that takes on big issues by making the invisible seen, that gives voice to the voiceless—work that gives message form through aesthetic experience.

In addition to showcasing celebrated authors like Nobel laureates Seamus Heaney and Czeslaw Milosz, the Notre Dame Review introduces readers to authors they may have never encountered before, but who are doing innovative and important work.

The nd[re]view, the online companion you are now reading, offers interviews, critique and commentary on authors and artists showcased within the pages of the print magazine. In some cases, additional selections of fiction, poetry or art are presented. In others, readers can hear poets reading from their own work. A number of pieces in print will be expanded on-line with features only available on-line, such as color images or the ability to order books reviewed within the magazine. In the future an on-line discussion group will allow readers to exchange ideas with other readers, even many of the authors themselves.

Together, the Notre Dame Review and nd[re]view form a hybrid print and electronic magazine that engages readers as a community centered in literary concerns.