Summer/Fall 2019

&Now & Whenever It's Needed

Issue 48

Welcome to the special &NOW issue of the Notre Dame Review. Now in its fifteenth year, &NOW is a festival that brings together poets and novelists, fiction authors, artists, critics, musicians, programmers, performers and creators of visual, found, electronic, multimedia and other hybrid forms in a celebration of readings, panels, and other performances of innovative writing. &NOW asks: what happens when writing that crosses boundaries, when new artistic forms, when text, when visual art, when music, when filmmaking, when performance, when critical theory, when tongues, when graphics, when a poem, when a play, when experiments, when literary collage, when performance scores, when sound and visual poetry, when  theater, when hyper-opera, when conceptual writing, when theory-fiction, when philosophy, when electronic and multimedia scripts, when live film narration, when ghost catching, when cutting and scratching, when installation, when bilingual, when invented languages, when super-titling, when a notepad, when spirit-writing, when a soundbite, when a computer code, when a ritual, when a bio, when re-verb, when a tag, when trance, when a confession, when a rant, when a protest, when today…. Some of the notes taken at &NOW by Brent Cox, and presented in this issue, offer insight. 

The Guardian describes the biennial &NOW Festival as the Anglosphere’s most important celebration of the literary avant-garde. Last year’s edition was held at the University of Notre Dame, and this special issue of the Notre Dame Review offers a sampling of some of the work that was presented at it, including poetry by and an interview with Douglas Kearney, who with Renee Gladman and Johanna Drucker joined a long list of featured readers. The issue contains a suite of works performed online or off-site as well as a suite of critical works presented at one of the many panels held over the course of the two-day festival. 

Together they explore the role of language in the formation of identities and social norms; they share a belief that contemporary pressures, especially at watershed moments or moments of political or existential crisis such as the one we are in, require equally outré responses. Perhaps at no time has this been more true than now: a time when the forces of racism, sexism, class warfare, and even planet-wide extinction have absorbed the formerly liberating forms of postmodernism to substitute fictions for reality, and ‘fake news’ for facts, all in defense of the status quo. The subtitle for this edition of &NOW is And Whenever It’s Necessary. Perhaps there has never been a time when the exploration of language, that traditional battleground for social norms, has seemed more necessary. To be a part of future &NOWs, look for us via social media.

Frank Rogaczewski


Toward Smart-Ass Proletarian Poetry


Vi Khi Nao


Pulverized Oat Wheels


Laawrence Coates


The Home They Had Always Looked For


Jennifer Karmin & Bernadette Mayer


Are We There Yet?


Analeah Rosen


Weldon Spring


Douglas Kearney & Patricia Hartland


Douglas Kearney in Conversation with Patricia Hartland


Scott Rettberg & Roderick Coover

poetry and photography



Christine Hume


Consider the Sex Offender


Michael Workman

performance art

Broke Moves; Intimate Conversation

Intimate Conversation and Broke Moves are written choreographies that may be performed. These work sample videos show each of the  videography by Justin Williams, and interpreted by Nicole S. Lane. Broke Moves videography by Tuli Bera, with a performance led by audience members. All performance scores by Michael Workman. Readers/viewers are invited to re-perform these scores and tag Michael Workman (on facebook and instagram: michaelworkman1) in any social media postings. More information at michael-workman.com."

Broke Moves (video link)

Intimate Conversation (video link)

Jean Dibble & John Matthias

poetry and art

After Five Words Englished from the Russian

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 4

Poster 5

Poster 6

Poster 7

Poster 8

Poster 9

Poster 10


Emily Carr


Excerpt from Name Your Bird Without a Gun: A Tarot Romance


Paul Cunningham


Song of Polymers


Noy Holland


Blood Country


Daniel Uncapher


The Lion of Lincoln Park


Kanika Agrawal


from Okazaki Fragments


Brooks Sterritt


Excerpt from The History of America in My Lifetime: a novel


Aimee Parkison

flash fiction

Girl in Intelligence Test; Girl in Haircut


Mary-Kim Arnold


Open Wounds: A Poetics of Personal History at the Point of Public Locution


Sarah Roth


Fragments of Diagnosis


Anthony Enns


Paratexuality and the Lost Urtext


Joel Katelnikoff


Christian Bök Recombined: "whatever lives must also write"


Mark Tardi



“Psychoacoustics” is a project that was performed during the &Now festival held at the University of Notre Dame. Using the famed geometer H.S. M. Coxeter’s dedication and resourcefulness as a guide, I’ve tried to consider my own poetic redrawing of multi-dimensional space within a two-dimensional plane: some elements are more vigorously focused on the pictorial plane, and other elements are purely textual. Overall, the project is a multi-faced meditation on place, corporeality and consciousness in dialogue with the landscapes of Nizwa, Oman using combinations of ink, graphite, charcoal and pastel. One question that lingered in the project was: how to give voice to the pulse of geological time and a landscape indifferent to human life?







Mike Barrett


Orgone Grinding and Its Discontents: The Poetry of Frank Rogaczewski

Shira Dentz

hybrid prose

Flecks; Topaz; South; Conjoined; Yellow, Gold, Amber or Red


Amanda Goldblatt


The Final Defeat of My Colonialist Body, Washington DC 2017


Ian Hatcher




S. Yarberry & Analeah Rosen


A Manifesto/ A Prolgue; The Royale, St. Louis, Missouri


Larkin Higgins


Logographic Drawings: signal/overturned; roadway/intersection; out of control/overturning; left turn/right turn/impact


Douglas Kearney


Ecce Cuniculus


Becca Klaver


Walking After Midnight or 9 p.m.; Notes for a Shrinking Future


Jessica Anne


Excerpt from I AM A FINITE JESS


Rebecca Goodman


from a Likeness of Home


Lauren Russell


Excerpt from Descent


Lance Olsen


yellow: one hundred and seventy grams, an excerpt from my red heaven


Brent Cox


&NOW Notes: 01; 02; 03; 04


Steve Owen




Nick Montfort


Three Commodore 64 Poems


Daniel Magers


Where’s Judy?


Aimee Parkison & Carol Guess

flash fiction

Girl1 in Pink Flower2


J. I. Daniels


Body, Etc.


Mez Breeze


A Place Called Ormalcy

This story is a special 3D/VR story found online here. The story link above also includes chapter links.


martin nakell


How to Survive a Bombing Raid in a Syrian Village, 2018


Suzanne Scanlon


Resistant Narratives/Resisting Narrative


Richard Holeton

slide show

Afterword(s): Take a Book/Leave a Book


Jennifer Natalya Fink & Julie Laffin


Toxic Tango


Suite of Critical and Nonfiction Presentations given at &NOW

Wojciech Drąg


Collage and Crisis


Gretchen Henderson


Intermedia Genres: Breathing lessons in Changing Climates


Becca Klaver


Saying “No”: The Feminist Poetics of Refusal


Eckhard Gerdes


Against Defining Experimental Fiction